"It's rhetoric all the way down." — Steven Mailloux

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To the whole Immersive crew

Don’t know who if anyone will see this, but I wanted to take the opportunity to say how great it was working with all of you — the whole community of immersives — over the past two weeks.  I’m running around today getting ready to leave for two weeks’ vacation (plus I have to sign my will today … gulp!).  But I’m sorry to be missing all the poster sessions this afternoon, not to mention the wine & cheese.  When I get back, I hope the Diigo site will lead me to a better look at youall’s work.

My own project has evolved from a simple movie, using the video I’d captured on two trips to the Pine Creek Trail in north-central Pennsylvania to a blog post (still in process) that will imbed still images and videos from those excursions.  The “theme” of the post will be “the rhetoric of travel” as instantiated by my cycling trips to the PCT.  Not to go on too long here, but the rhetorical dimension plays out as “act-suffer-learn.”  And so I just want to say that act-suffer-learn is what all of us have done over the past two weeks: we acted by enrolling in the immersive and coming to Murray Hall each day; we suffered through our work (that is we experienced it, we underwent it); and we learned … all kinds of things, about software, the Web, and ourselves as scholars.  How’s that?  🙂